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Paving Services

Overlay — a layer of asphalt concrete (usually from 1.5 - 3 inches thick, depending on use) that is placed over failed and damaged asphalt. This is generally recommended when the majority of the existing asphalt is failing, and it is not cost effective to perform patch and seal on the surface.

Patch — to dig out damaged asphalt areas, apply a tack coat on the vertical edges, and patch with 3-12 inches of asphalt depending on the scope of use for the pavement surface.

New Construction — can include anything from grading, installing base rock and applying a new asphalt surface to complete removal and replacement of existing pavement sections.

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the recycling of existing pavement and base section, regrade and pave with 2 1/2 - 3 inches of asphalt. This is considered a cost effective paving solution for majorly deteriorated asphalt.

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Lime / Cement Treatment

a lime cement solution that is applied and mixed in with the base rock and subgrade material in order to stabilize and harden the underlying dirt surface. This is a great solution for stabilizing soft subgrades like expansive clay which is very common in some areas of the bay area. Expansive clay is the cause of many cracks in the pavement especially those near the outer edges of a parking lot.

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Seal Coat

a special blend of asphalt emulsion of SS1 oil, fiber, mineral fillers, color, and polymer which come together to make a protective and enhancing coating to prolong the lifetime of asphalt surfaces from possible water damage. We provide latex additive to this blend designed to modify the sealer to increase toughness, flexibility and enhance the suspension of fillers. It also improves the color, oil and gas resistance, and protect from damaging ultravoilet rays. Additionally, before applying the seal coat layers all surfaces and completely cleaned from all debris prior to seal coat application. Large cracks are filled in with crackfiller, to prevent water from entering and damaging the asphalt further.

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Includes the preparation of subgrade material, supply and installation of base rock to drain, and necessary grading and base rock for curbs and other concrete work.

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Includes the installation of catch basins (drains) and connecting its draining pipes to the utilities; the installation of edge drains, and French drain types, which are perforated pipes that absorb the extra moisture coming from planters or hillsides that deteriorate the subgrade, and this way we can prolong the life of the pavement.

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Concrete Work

installation of ramps, curbs, sidewalks and other miscelaneous repairs and improvements.

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painting of the asphalt that includes lines, handicaps, stencils, school playgrounds, signage, installation of posts and various other repairs and maintenance procedures.

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ADA Upgrades

we provide the latest approved Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades, including slopes, signage, stencils, ramps, truncated domes etc to comply.

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we also provide various other repairs for our customers. Just give us a call for a quote!

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